“Be Inspired” Seasonally by Rita Calvert

As native plants to Maryland play a huge role in our ecosystem and the survival of the Chesapeake Bay, Homestead Gardens has dedicated this busy time to showcase the plants which are in harmony with supporting the ecological health of our area. See the Benefits list below.


This weekend, come in and donate to the Chesapeake Bay Trust, and Homestead Gardens will match your donation!  (Homestead Gardens to contribute up to a total of $1,000.00)

 Enjoy preferred parking for vehicles displaying Chesapeake Bay plates! (Availability limited).

Not only are there living plants native to MD, but  Blue Crab Bay hails from the state offering fun nut concoctions, drink mixes, seasonings for crab cakes and the shrimp dip seasoning as shown above.


 With more than 90 varieties of MD native in blooms, bushes, grasses and trees, Homestead Gardrdens makes it easy to preserve our diverse ecosystem. 

Benefits of Planting Native Species

  • Native plants have evolved over thousands of years to exist among an area’s particular climate, soils and precipitation amounts.  They have also evolved to deal with indigenous insects, fungi and diseases.
  • What this means to the landowner is that native plants require less care to maintain and they require less watering.
  • They are aesthetically and biologically in harmony with the natural landscape.
  • Non-native ornamental plants often require fertilizers, pesticides and regular watering.
  • In addition, non-native plants such as hybrids may not produce fruit or seed, which precludes wildlife from using them as a food source.
  • Native plants are the fundamental component in the landscape that provides wildlife habitat to the Cape’s native wildlife species.
  • Animals have co-evolved with these native plants for their breeding, food and shelter requirements.  Planting with native plants helps to protect wildlife habitat in your area. 




Our state flower, Black-Eyed Susan is in abundance with a special price during the MD Native weekend. 




As very popular garden decor, these spritely crab spikes represent what we Marylanders adore-MD blue crabs! 

IMG_8594 Also appreciated as native to Maryland are hand towels gracing the infamous lighthouse and sleeping sea cocktail napkins.


Maryland mugs and state candles, anyone?


Check our Chesapeake region cookbooks. 


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