Water Gardener

Dave Kemon got into the gardening biz as a way to get off school early.  Really early - 10:30 in the morning - thanks to his school's work/study program.  That meant leaving South River High School in mid-morning to do the work part of his work/study program - at nearby Bittersweet Hill Nursery.  They grew and sold herbs, perennials and water plants, and the doyenne of the place - Hildreth Morton - taught Dave how to propagate, divide and generally grow water plants, before turning those jobs over to him altogether (to a high school kid, mind you).  Dave stayed there full-time and ran the store until 2007, when Hildreth Moore died at the age of 86, and the business was closed.

Dave Kemon

That's when Dave came to Homestead, where's in charge of the water gardening and multi-tasks all over the Davidsonville store (e.g. creating displays).

What got Dave interested in gardening in the first place is a common experience for many of us avid gardeners - doing it alongside our mothers or dads.  Dave to this day gardens for his mother, and on top of taking care of Homestead's gardens, that's plenty for him.   He does plenty of yard work, though, and actually enjoys chopping wood.  Indoors, pursues his passion for movies.

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