We’ve made it through what seemed to be a long countdown...so Merry Christmas to you! Our walk led us to Santa’s sleigh and angels on high.


The trees are festooned with bright pops of red-berries, poinsettias, dangling elves and globes.


 Santa’s sleigh has landed next to our table full of table runners, mini Santas and candles. 


Under another holiday tree out furry and feathered friends wait to be included. Since our Farm and Pet department has opened, our critters lack for nothing.  IMG_7045



 As always at Homestead Gardens, look up, down and all around. The cow pokes her head out to check the action as they are always curious. Notice the garden/farm-themed “shovel-based side table.

 A snippet of the holiday critter tree is adorned with miniature pigs, flying cows and all manner of hens and roosters.


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