Mike McGrath

Local gardening guru Mike McGrath was a big attraction at Homestead over the weekend, with his talk about growing tomatoes and another session devoted entirely to Q & A.  And the ability to answer off-the-cuff questions on any and all gardening topics isn't something that just any so-called expert can do, ya know - I've seen plenty of them stumble and sputter over question after question.  But Mike can more than handle it - with humor, too.   We love the guy!

Q and A

So what do you think customers asked Mike about during the Q and A session?  Lawn, lawn, and more lawn.  So it's time to dig into our archives from the spring of 2010, when Mike gave his "Organic Lawn Care" talk here at Homestead, and offer this link to my write-up of his talk, which Mike added to via email.  Bet you anything he answered all your lawn-care questions.

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