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It was great fun to discover customers' videos, photos and stories of their holiday visits to Homestead, and we thank them for their visits and their talents.  (We found them via Google Alerts we set up for "Homestead Gardens".   Set one up for yourself and see what happens!).  Here are some more found gems of the Internet:

A visit from Summervilla, a 26-year-old skater from the DC area now living in New York City.  She blogged about Christmas back in Maryland visiting family.

Jennifer and Wyatt Rucker visited with son Jack.

Bill Dean and David Healy, members of the Capitol Hill Garden Club, have posted this great report of their visit.

Therese Borchard posted about her visit on both BeliefNet (that first link) and PsychCentral:

But then I saw the sheer delight on my five-year-old's face as he watched five passenger cars round the corner of a magnificent holiday train display at Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, Maryland.  He clearly caught a whiff of the Christmas spirit, as did his little sister who stood in front of the nautical-themed Christmas tree mesmerized by the mermaid ornaments and aqua tinsel.

Mustang Eddie, a "ready-to-retire" US Postal carrier in Chesapeake Beach showed us his visit. His "About Me" tells us a lot:  "SHE said I needed a hobby."


And check out Jack Phillips, whose mom Amy in Arnold, MA chronicled the event:

A couple weeks before Christmas, Matt and I took Jack to visit Santa at Homestead Gardens. It's a great place to visit Santa. Unlike the mall, there is no professional photographer, so you can take as many photos as you want, you aren't rushed, and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get that cherished photo with Santa! Oh yeah, and the line isn't very long!!! Jack was a very big boy and didn't cry at all when he sat with Santa. He was most interested in Santa's beard and the fur on his coat. He wouldn't even look at the camera, just at Santa the whole time! It was too cute!

We found a gorgeous photo by Nancy Royden on her nature-photo blog for the  Annapolis Capital.

And finally, one more video of our outdoor trees with 'We Three Kings', though we can't tell who created it.   What, no director's credits?

Posted by Susan Harris

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