Curb Gardens

When I last showed you some of my favorite curbside gardens a commenter wrote to complain.  In a nutshell they said: Sure, those tall plantings are great if you don’t have to, um, PARK and get out of your car.  True enough, so I promised to follow up with curbside gardens that WOULD work with parked cars. So here ya go.

First up,  in a sunny spot along a busy street with parking, you see some liriope, another tough-looking short grass, some of the new petunia varieties that bloom like crazy without dead-heading, and the silver foliage of the Licorice plant (Helichrysum petiolare ‘Silver Mist’).  All are super drought-tolerant except those petunias.


And for shade, how about good old hostas with liriope (for evergreen color) and strategically placed flagstones for human passage?  You don't get much lower-maintenance than these two workhorses.

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