No-Mow and Less-Mow

I sure enjoyed the super-engaged audience for my talk and slide show about reducing lawns at our Spring Fling this past weekend.  How engaged?  Some have contacted us with follow-up questions - what were those plant names and websites I mentioned?  So here ya go.  And if this doesn't answer your questions, leave another one in a comment to this blog story and the answer will come.  It's exciting to see so many people thinking outside the box!







More info online

Now for the websites I recommended, first try Less Lawn, the home of Evelyn Hadden, author of the new book Beautiful No-Mow Yards.

More lawn-reduction ideas are available at the website of the Lawn Reform Coalition.  That's the national media campaign to help people reduce their lawn, switch to less resource-intensive types of lawn, and practice eco-friendly lawn care for the lawn they have.

Plus, the Coalition has two Flickr groups:

  • This one is for design ideas that use little or no lawn. There are about 350 photos in that group.
  • And this one is for short groundcovers that can be used en masse to cover large areas, instead of turfgrass. It's new; more photos coming soon!

The authority on organic lawn care is Paul Tukey, whose nonprofit Safe Lawns is a good source, as is his Safe Lawns Blog.

My website is and part of it is a whole section about Lawn Substitutes.

The popular national team blog I contribute to weekly is

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