Garden Blogger Bloom Day has been a popular online meme for a many years now and shows no sign of slowing down.  It's when garden bloggers all over the world post photos of their blooms on the 15th of the month, then deposit them here for everyone to see.   So here ya go, but with a disclaimer - my garden is brand new this year, not even fully planted up yet!  So now you know.


Rudbeckia (L) and Shasta Daisy (R)

Black-Eyed Susans

These Black-Eyed Susans I brought from my old garden, and the Shasta Daisies are new to me, but a perennial I'd admired forever.  I used to think they didn't go with other bloom colors at hte same time but I'm rethinking that notion.  They're so cheerful!

Above you see some cheating on my part.  It shows purple coneflowers in a nice mass at Homestead instead of the honestly unimpressive showing that the 3 plants I bought are making in their first year in my garden.  But these native beauties will seed around happily and next year will cause quite a show for me and the butterflies (and in the fall, for the goldfinches that love their seedheads). See the classic gardener's optimism here?  But really, I'm pretty sure I can count on these guys.


Petunias and sweet potato vine for great color all season.

Flower Power

Unlike every other class of plant that needs a season or two or three to look really good, these annuals in pots are doing my proud - thank heavens for them!  The combination above of petunias and chartreuse sweet potato vine is one I've grown for a decade now and never tire of it.  The vines will be 30 feet by the end of the season.


These coleus can take afternoon sun!


Same goes for coleus - and there are varieties for every exposure.  They're not really in bloom, but with foliage like this, who needs flowers?  In fact, I don't let my coleus bloom because I'd rather pinch the buds away to make the plants as full and bushy as possible.  It seems to work.


Crape myrtles and annuals are a great welcome.


The crape myrtles above I can't even pretend are in my garden, but I pass them every day and admire them.  They adorn the entrance to my new town of Old Greenbelt.


Dwarf butterfly bush in someone else's garden.


Finally, I really do own one of these dwarf Buddleias and it really is blooming, but not very impressively yet.  So here's an inspiring photo of someone else's.   Butterfly bush photo credit.

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