I once collected all my gardening gloves in one place to try to put pairs together and generally sort out the mess.  The result, photo right, included:


  • Stiff leather things I knew I'd never use again.
  • Versatile work gloves, though all too large.
  • Waterproof gloves, regular length and extra length – useful for hundreds of jobs.
  • In the photo below, the workhorses of my gardening life – covered in mud, riddled with fingertip holes, and stretched beyond fitting.  To be trashed.
  • A very promising pair of Town and Country recycled ones – in purple – that I was eager to try.
  • Some pink Atlas gloves, which I've been known to buy by the dozen.
  • And not in the photo (coz they were in my office at the time – go figure!) some Womenwork stretch gloves, all high-tech with “micro suede”, Velcro, you name it.

So having tossed the ones too mud-encrusted and misshapen to save and all the singletons, I was left with the question that's plagued me through decades of gardening - where to hang 'em?  I needed to devise a system for glove storage that would allow them to them dry out and me to grab exactly what I want - a matching pair.  My former “system” of stacking of gloves in various places, indoors and out, was simply not working for me.


As an aside, I once got the idea that glove-makers should supply them pre-color-coded for us gardeners on the go who too often find themselves in the garden with two rights or two lefts.  I actually contacted a couple of suppliers with this idea - make all left hands in, say, red and all right hands in maybe green, so that even the most hurried gardener among us could quickly grab one of each color and know she had a left and a right.  An idea so brilliant, I was sure that somebody would jump on it and bring it to market.  Ha!

So it was left to me to solve what admittedly is a higher-order problem, not remotely in the same league with paying the bills or getting sick, but far more fun to devise solutions for.  Especially when the solution is so darn simple, like the two white buckets you see here.  I simply drop right gloves in the bucket on the right and left gloves in the bucket on the left, and I can’t tell you how pleased I was with myself for thinking this up.

One last detail - when the gloves are wet I drape them over the sides of the buckets until they're dry.   Works for me!

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