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Last year I did a post on this topic for the 2011 holidays at Homestead Gardens' 2 stores. This year as I spent hours looking at the fabulous displays it was clear nature has taken an even bigger role.


This is a photo I took of one of my favorite displays. Looks like a painting doesn't it? It might just become my Christmas

Gene Sumi was helping customers  and we had a great chat. He said our region is one where many of us live and play outdoors year ‘round. 


Kids are exposed early to agriculture by way of the expansion of agritourism on farms, education places such as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Clagett Farm and Arlington Echo just to name a few. Some times it’s the little guys who lead their parents.

Gene said the holiday themes at Homestead Gardens reflect what the consumer wants and thus we see the “natural comfy” lodge vignettes and lots of critters. Owls are especially popular this season while reindeer are always a big item, but even more so this holiday. 

Up and Coming: 

Word has it that there will some live critters (maybe baying and bahhhing) to adorn the holiday settings. Keep the pulse on this one!


The arc...filled to the brim with animals of all shapes and sizes is a huge treat for kids and big folk.

Of course birds always have a big place in our hearts. Birdhouses and feeders have become pieces of art-humorous and often rustic-Homestead Gardens has a grand selection.

The seed covered bird feeders left me thinking I need one for each of my bird lover buddies.

Mark Ladies Night-November 29 on your calendar! I'll be giving a cooking demo and sampling at Homestead Gardens Severn Park. See you there!


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