Seasonal Happenings by Rita Calvert

Now it's official...The brand new Farm and Pet Department at Homestead Gardens, Davidsonville, is about to have a grand opening weekend February 22 and 23.

Brian Riddle explained how the new department evolved to include the farmette and what is also termed, The Urban Farm. “Homestead Gardens has always been pet friendly and this attitude goes hand-in-hand with a garden and home store. We're not just talking about cats, dogs and birds, but big attention to equine as well as products for rabbits, goats, pigs and donkeys.

Kendra Riddle

The department is run by Brian’s wife Kendra who has a background in the veterinary field and Mary Sells who ran Homestead’s llama facility for many years and also has veterinary experience.


Kendra Riddle points out the pet dental department as February is pet health month. You'll find treats to prevent plaque buildup,  water additives which knock down bacteria, pet tooth brushes and all manner of pet dental products. Kendra says many months are designated  as pet welfare months from pet cancer prevention to pet rescue.


Homestead Gardens has an extensive category for backyard chickens and have carried the live chicks since spring 2012. The overwhelming popularity of this department is proof Homestead Gardens customers are hungry for more. Mary’s numerous workshops on backyard chickens is always filled to overflowing. 

Pet Gear


Wag More, Bark Less is a fun new line of dog gear. Some for your critter and a few items for you.

IMG_8026Above you see a pet friendly fountain. There are a few models in this category.



Blue Buffalo is now on the shelves for dog care. 

IMG_8032In other departments of the Davidsonville store, you'll find fun farmers market style soaps, trays and sprightly chickens. 




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