Homestead's shrubs buyer, Lolly Bonomi, has these new and very promising shrubs in stock - check 'em out!

Acuba Hosoba Hoshifu Variegata

That's a long name for what looks to be a shorter version of the justly popular Gold-dust Acuba, which reaches heights and widths of between 6 and 10 feet.  This one is not only more compact, but its green and yellow coloration is even more intense - more than the Gold-dust shown here, from what I've read about it.

I'm such a fan of Acuba, I can't resist showing how it looks here with an assortment of hostas at the bottom of my neighbor's driveway.  The only problem was that this full-size Acuba required regular pruning to keep it from hanging over the driveway.  This new smaller variety would be perfect there.

There aren't a lot of evergreen shrubs for shade available to us, so I'm especially thankful for this one, which I recommend all the time.

Cornus florida 'Firebird'

Thanks to clever breeders, the multi--colored foliage of 'Firebird' makes it a stand-out in the garden, and neighbors may not even guess it's a dogwood.  New growth appears in shades of red to burgundy and later turns to green and white. 

Imagine how great it would look mixed in with the regular white dogwoods!  Wish I had room for that show.

It'll grow to 10-15 feet tall and wide.  Because dogwoods are understory plants, they prefer shade or part-sun locations, though they'll adapt to sunny locations if the soil is amended with organic matter.

Blueberry 'Peach Sorbet'

Growing blueberries has become very popular lately because they fit into residential landscapes better than most vegetables, and who doesn't love blueberries, anyway? 

'Peach Sorbet' is just 2 feet tall and wide and thrives in full to partial sun with regular watering (weekly, or more often in extreme heat).

In addition to supplying blueberries for you, it attracts hummingbirds.

Raspberry 'Strawberry Shortcake'

Guess what - this raspberry is thornless!  It's also compact and mounding, reaching just 24" to 36", so it's ideal for large patio containers like this one.  Needs no staking or companion pollinator, and its canes are sturdy and upright - without a single thorn.

Then in mid-summer it produces supersweet raspberries.  I want!


Flower Carpet Rose 'Pink Splash'

This last one won't be in stock until May but it looks so promising - for the distinctive pink and cream variegation on its petals - I can't resist showing it off.

I've long been a fan of Flower Carpet roses because, like the ever-popular Knockout series, they're super-resistant to disease, repeat-blooming until late fall, and are shorter, so work well at fronts of borders or on banks.  Flower Carpets grow quickly to 24 to 32 inches tall and 40 inches wide.

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