Sitting outside on a beautiful summer afternoon is nice, but you don't need the sun to enjoy your backyard. When the warm air cools off, the blazing sun goes down and the stars come out, it's incredibly calming to kick back and relax outdoors, too. Plus, it gives you a chance to enjoy gorgeous, fragrant flowers that only bloom in the evening. If you'd like to spend more evenings on the patio or deck, consider planting one or more of the five flowers below. These night-blooming flowers are each truly unique, and they ensure your garden looks stunning both morning and night. 

Moon Flower:

Like the name suggests, the moon flower blooms at dusk and closes up again in the morning. Moon flowers are often white, and some have a pinkish tint. When fully bloomed, the moon flower forms a circular shape similar to a full moon. Available in spring as plants and as seeds.


Tuberose flowers are also white with a pinkish tint. These tiny flowers bring your garden to life at night, producing an incredible smell that enhances your backyard experience. Available in spring as bulbs.


Night-blooming jasmines are tiny, but they offer a powerful, sweet-smelling scent. Keep in mind that these flowers also contain toxic elements, so keep them out of reach of kids and pets. Available in spring as plants.

Casablanca Lily:

If you wish to bring larger flowers into your backyard, take a look at the Casablanca lily. These elegant flowers are delicate, but they appear much larger after blooming than the jasmine and tuberose. Pedal colors can range from white to pink. Available in spring and fall as bulbs.

Four O'Clocks:

As you may have guessed, four o'clocks begin blooming at 4 p.m. and stay open during the evening. These vibrant flowers come in shades of red, blue, yellow, pink and white, and they work well as hedges. Four o'clocks thrive in full or partial shade. Available in spring as seeds.

From morning until night, you can enjoy your garden for all its beauty. If you have any questions about night-blooming flowers, feel free to contact us or stop by your local Homestead Gardens. 

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