Hey, vegetable gardeners, have you started your seeds indoors yet?  The wonderful Grow It Eat It blog by Maryland's Master Gardeners declared on February 14th that it's  "Time to Start some Vegetable Seedings", so believe it.  (For Marylanders, between now and the end of February is the prime time to do it.)

Erica Smith

Another Grow It Eat It blogger, veg-gardening guru Erica Smith, says,  "One of the best presents you can give yourself (besides a light stand) is a reference book with information on the requirements of many species.  I use Eileen Powell's From Seed to Bloom."  Great suggestion!  Other good vegetable-growing books you might look into are Vegetable Gardening for Dummies by Charlie Nardozzi, Homegrown Harvest from the American  Horticultural Society, and The Reader's Digest Vegetable Gardening book.

And if you have any questions about what to plant your seeds IN, check out Erica's earlier story about seed-starting mixes.

More Good Resources Online

Renee Shepherd of Renee's Seeds is serious about providing vegetable-growing good information for her customers and here's her web page about starting seeds indoors.

And here on Youtube is a video by Washington, D.C. food-writer and -grower Ed  Bruske.  You can find Ed's stories about cooking with children and follow his campaign to improve food in public schools by reading his blog The Slow Cook.

Next up, starting seeds outdoors

In mid-March you can start direct-sowing some vegetable seeds outdoors -  vegetables like radishes, peas, beets, carrots, onions, kohlrabi and leeks.  So get your seeds now and be ready.

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