Oliver Storm

This is the Oliver Storm you'll meet if you visit Homestead Growers , just down the road from our Davidsonville store.  It's exactly where you'd expect to find someone with a masters in horticulture, someone who's worked for growers all his professional life.

But Oliver's been around the hort world, starting in his native Germany where he earned that hort degree and then grew plants commercially for a decade.  Next, he jumped the pond to work for a grower in North Carolina, and that led to his being recruited to grow in San Diego.  That's where the surfing comes in.  In his 11 years there he became quite the "surfer dude", according to his co-workers.

Surfer Dude

But I want to know why he ever left San Diego, with one of the best climates in the world -  and the beach! - to come to Davidsonville.  Oliver's answer?  "Don dragged me out of the sun to to bring here for our heat, humidity,rain, and snow."  That would be our persuasive Don Riddle, of course.

So what keeps Oliver down on the Maryland farm after all that surfing and sun?  He says it's the fishing and hiking in these parts, great opportunities for him,  his wife and dog to enjoy the outdoors here in the East.  Though they DO exhibit some wanderlust for seeing all the of the U.S., especially places like the Zion National Park you see in this photo of Oliver engrossed in another fun thing to do - rock-climbing.  (Better you than me, buddy!)  They've also hiked Peru's Inca Trial up to Machu Picchu, so their wanderlust apparently knows no borders.  (Again, better you...)



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