The latest from head grower Oliver Storm are his best advice for holiday greens.  Here goes:


  • Buy them early for the best selection and ideal freshness.
  • When you bring fresh-cut greens home, keep them in a protected area (like a garage) to protect them from wind and sun until you're ready to decorate.
  • If possible, immerse them in water for a day or two, then remove and dry in a protected area before use.
  • Spray all greens, wreaths, roping, and swags with an anti-desiccant - like Wilt-Pruf or Wilt Stop - before use.   These products act as a clear and flexible protective coating that prevents moisture loss in stems, needles and leaves.  However, do NOT use them on junipers or berries.
  • Never hang fresh greens between a main door and storm door that receives direct sun.  This will create a greenhouse effect and cause greens to dry out and drop needles.
  • Daily  misting with water will help to prolong the life of fresh-cut greens.
  • When using lights on fresh-cut greens, use the newer LED type - they have a longer life and are not hot like the older incandescent lights.
  • Extend the life of your fresh-cut greens by lowering the thermostat.

What We Carry

Types of greens: Boxwood, Douglas fir, Holly (green or variegated), Incense Cedar, Juniper, Noble Fir,  Princess Pine, Silver Fir, White Pine, Western Cedar, Magnolia, and Oregonia.

For Accents:  Baby's Breath, Eucalyptus, Birch branches, Caspia, Curly willow, Red Twig Dogwood, Scotch Broom, Winterberry stems, and pine cones.

Posted by Susan Harris. Photo credit.

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