Outdoor Party

What better way to enjoy the backyard and garden this season than by hosting a simple summer party? Gather some friends to enjoy a few cocktails, chat, soak in the summer weather, and enjoy the beauty of the garden. An outdoor party is a great way to show off your hard work and share the harvest. They’re also perfect celebrations for families with young children because the kids can burn off some energy in the backyard while the grown-ups relax.

Set the Table

Another wonderful thing about an outdoor party is that it’s acceptable to keep it simple and rustic. Mix and match table settings or furniture if you don’t have enough outdoor seating that matches. Having an eclectic mix will help give your gathering that boho vibe. Keep things cozy by adding some colorful cushions and throws.

Make the most of your outdoor setting and feature natural elements as decoration. A small piece of vine, twisted around a cloth napkin, makes a whimsical napkin ring. Use some of your own flowers as a centerpiece, or even gather a few small pots of herbs that your friends can use to garnish their own cocktails. Add texture with ferns, mosses, and foraged greenery to create a woodland, fairytale feel.

Creating a Menu

A great way to keep the menu simple is to highlight seasonal flavors. Use ingredients from your garden or the farmers’ market. Feature tomatoes and basil in a Caprese salad or try mixing fresh greens, figs, and some chopped walnuts with a simple vinaigrette. You could also create open-faced sandwiches with layers of grilled summer vegetables like zucchini and peppers.

Create your own signature cocktails with herbs from your garden, such as mint, basil, rosemary, thyme, or lemon balm. Edible flowers like nasturtiums, violas, and bachelor’s buttons make adorable garnishes. Provide a few simple drinks, like water with lemon or homemade mint iced tea, for those that don’t consume alcohol. Use frozen fruit or melon balls instead of ice cubes for a unique touch.

Little Party-Goers

If there’s a chance that there will be some children attending your outdoor party, making them feel included in the special festivities can make the event run more smoothly.

Include a table of child-friendly finger foods like fresh fruit slices or mini sandwich wraps.

Create an outdoor tic-tac-toe board using a board with a couple of paint colors and some stones.

Set up a bubble station with baking dishes, filled with bubble solution, and homemade bubble wands made from wire twisted into your desired shape.

Give kids a sketch pad and some colored pencils to encourage them to create their own drawings inspired by the summer setting.

Enjoy the Evening

Set the mood with a little lighting for evening get-togethers. Battery-operated string lights and candles are affordable, easy to set up, and look great! If you have space, a campfire is a great idea for cooler nights as well! A Make-Your-Own-S’mores station will help keep the kids (and maybe a few of the adults) busy while you relax around the fire.

Make the most of the gorgeous summer weather and get outside with friends and family! Try these tips to host a simple, fun, garden party of your own.

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