The holidays can be a busy time for families, and if you have pets in the home those distractions could put your four-legged family members in danger. So as you decorate the home in tinsel and garland, be sure to pet-proof your holiday season as well. The Homestead Gardens Farm and Pet staff has some key tips for a stress-free holiday with your furry friends:

1. Monitor the Excitement

Pets are just like children and can quickly become over stimulated by the excitement of the holidays. Be sure to encourage your family to allow Fido and Fluffy to take naps throughout the day. Maybe set aside a quiet area for your pet, complete with a heated bed or blanket, so he can recharge for more playtime later in the day.

2. Avoid Overindulging in Foods

Treats are good, but during the holidays it seems that pets have the opportunity just like humans to overindulge. Ask guests to not feed your pets food outside of regular feeding times. If family members want to buy food gifts for your pets, provide them with a list of quality treats that will be good for them.


3. Keep Plenty of Toys Handy

Pets don't understand the difference between an ornament and a toy ball, so make certain you keep only the right toys within their reach. That might mean leaving the bottom foot of your Christmas tree undecorated, or not letting any garlands touch the ground. Also be aware that pets might chew on bows and ribbons that are often used to decorate presents. You might want to avoid putting presents out until they're ready to be opened.

The holidays are fun, and you can include your four-legged members in the excitement. Just be careful that you do it in a way that doesn't stress them out or cause them injury.

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