Homestead Gardens Inspired Holidays by Rita Calvert

For the holidays, Homestead Gardens has "stores within the store"-full of ideas and inspiration. In this post we are spending time at Pete's Pets. Although we know that beyond a pet, the politically correct term is now "companion".


Xena and Johnny
Xena and Johnny

Nothing equals the massive amount of unconditional devotion we get from our best buddies. Did you see the recent news piece of the young autistic boy and the rescued severely abused dog? They saved each other. (The video will be posted on our Homestead Gardens Facebook page).

 How about having your best buddy in a portrait the dog or two below?




Treat Your Pets 

Our animal friends wouldn’t trade us in for anything. They are family members.  They are devoted to their people no matter what.  So give them extra special treats this season. Pete's Pets carries adorable gear for your best bud. Bowls to feed, cool canisters to store the food and toys galore. Pet toys, leashes, collars, picture frames, Hansa-lifelike stuffed animals all are on display.


...Even a wreath to adorn your front (or back) door.


There are many charming needlepoint pillows to grace their throne.

IMG_7267 Ornaments a-plenty of critters of all shapes and sizes.

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