Do you do Pinterest?  It's the social photo collection site that gardeners are using for inspiration and great plant ideas.  We love it, too, so we're happy to show off our new Pinterest boards - 18 of them so far, with more coming.  

Pinterest Boards

You might start with the Gardens board, with 98 gorgeous ones on view so far, or the ones about water gardens or container plantings.  Each plant group, like perennials, shrubs and succulents, has their own board.

We're particularly excited about the photo collection for native plants, because it's so hard to find photos of these plants in all their glory in gardens, mixing well with all sorts of plants. 

For foodies and anyone interested in the healthy outdoor lifestyle, you'll enjoy the wonderful photography of Rita Calvert.   Check out her boards about Seasonal and Local CookingAlfresco DiningAgrarian Lifestyle, and Holiday Gems.

New Website and Blog Designs, Too!

Homestead Gardens is also happy to introduce our new website and blog design, the result of teamwork by our Rachel Baumgarten and the website geniuses at Smart Solutions in Annapolis under the direction of Lisa Alexander.  We love what they did for the site - making it easier for you to find the information you need, while still looking good on your screen.  After all, our company slogan is "Because life should be beautiful."

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