Fall-blooming perennials add vibrant color in your garden even after a long, healthy spring and summer season. They produce lively colors and attract various butterflies and birds.

The knowledgeable staff at Homestead Gardens has extensive experience working with fall-blooming perennials and has put together a list of their favorites for creating a spectacular fall showcase in your garden.


Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone is the queen of fall-blooming perennials featuring either single, double or cup-shaped blossoms with elegant petals that are surrounded by a green and gold center. Plant the Japanese Anemone 18 inches apart in average to moist, well-drained soil. This slow grower thrives in partial shade to full sun.


A daisy-like perennial, Asters have star-shaped flower heads and can grow between eight inches and eight feet tall. Plant in average to moist, well-drained soil and keep plants one to three feet apart. Pro Tip: add a layer of mulch to the soil at the beginning of spring to keep the soil cool and prevent weeds. Also, make sure to cut the dead foliage off the plant before spring for ideal growth next season.

Joe-Pye Weeds

Native to the prairie, Joe-Pye Weeds rely on average to moist soil to support an extensive root system. Joe-Pye Weeds are extremely drought tolerant and can grow between four and six feet tall. We love these perennials at Homestead Gardens because they are easy to maintain, and they attract a plethora of lovely butterflies and moths.


Grow Monkshood in partial shade so they stand erect, as too much shade or sun will cause them to flop. Monkshood perennials feature regal blue, purple and white spires.



Perennial blue plumbago is a great color-provider in any garden. It stands only a foot tall with red flower buds that bloom into true blue flowers in the late summer or early fall. The blooms aren't the only vibrant part of this plant, though; its mahogany red foliage keeps your garden full of color into late fall. This slow-growing groundcover works well in both full sun or light shade.

With 10 to 20 species of Plumbago perennials, you’re sure to find a pattern and color scheme you love on this flowering shrub. The five-petal lobe comes in a variety of colors, including white, blue, purple, red and pink.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

In addition to its beauty, the Sweet Autumn Clematis brings a fresh fragrance to your garden. The Sweet Autumn Clematis perennial requires six hours of sunlight and can reach out 20 feet, so cut it back during the spring for a more controlled reach.

You can find a variety of fall-blooming perennials at the Homestead Gardens locations in Severna Park and Davidsonville, Maryland. Stop by and speak to one of our experienced gardening staff members for tips and tricks to keep colors in your garden from spring to fall.


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