Fall Bulbs for Spring Color

The growing season never ends, and you may be surprised to discover that fall is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring gardens! This cooler season is the best time to plant bulbs that will bloom in dazzling shades after the spring thaw. Here are some tips from the staff at Homestead Gardens to help you plant the bulbs for best results:

1. Get the whole family involved in the planning process. young-gardenerIt's hard to envision what the plants will look like come spring, so paste pictures of each flower on sticks to indicate where the bulb will bloom. Have your children help you with each placement. Because it's nearly impossible to identify which bulb will develop into which flower, be sure to keep the bulbs with the packaging, and plant each variety at the same time. If you plan to plant additional annuals in the spring, you might want to keep your markers in the soil all winter long so you don't disturb the bulbs before they've surfaced in the spring.


2. Make certain the beds drain well. Bulbs don't like to sit in water, so be sure to locate your new garden in an area with good drainage.

3. Schedule your plantings. By planting bulbs at different times during the fall months, you can adjust when the bulbs will bloom in the spring, extending your season. The later flowers will help cover the wilted earlier blooms.

4. Plant the bulbs pointy-part-up at the depth indicated on the package. Add a small scoop of Bulb Tone to the hole to help the bulbs develop a root system for spring flowers. That's all they need. Gently pat the soil on top and wait until spring to enjoy their beauty.


So start thinking about spring's tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and more now, before the frost even hits. One extra tip - if you plant large numbers of early blooming bulbs like crocus and daffodils in your lawn, they'll make the yard look really beautiful before you need to mow. You'll love how easy it is to plant them, and come spring, you'll enjoy the beautiful display of flowers when they bloom.


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