Summertime often means going on vacation, taking trips and spending extended periods of time away from home.  If you’re an avid gardener this can spell trouble. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between a productive garden and a summer getaway. Make sure your plants survive vacation this summer with these tips to keep them healthy and happy.

Install Drip Irrigation

One of the easiest ways to keep your garden watered while you’re away is to install drip irrigation. It’s surprisingly easy to set up, can work for a variety of garden sizes, and can be put on a timer that will keep your plants watered all summer, whether you’re home or not. Drip irrigation also has the added advantage of using less water than sprinklers. If you have questions about drip irrigation, come see us, and we’ll help you!

Use Self Watering Jugs

Consider making a few self-watering jugs if you have a smaller garden. All you need is some sort of plastic container with a relatively flat bottom like a milk jug or five-gallon bucket. Using a drill or awl, punch 4 small holes in the bottom of the jug. Then fill the jug with water and press it into the soil next to your plants. The water will slowly seep out of the holes over several days, providing your plants with steady water. If you use open buckets, be sure to put something over the top so that small animals and insects don’t fall in.

Set-up Automatic Sprinklers

Like drip irrigation, sprinklers can be set up on timers to water your plants at regular intervals. They’re a great choice if you have large sections of a garden to cover, and they can be set up with minimal effort or expense.

Invest in Water Bulbs

Water bulbs are hollow glass globes with a long glass tube. They’re especially great for planters or houseplants. You fill the globe with water and (much like the watering jug) press the end of the tube into the soil. The water will slowly exit the water bulb and soak into your soil over a few days.

Hire a Garden Sitter

If you’re still worried about your garden, consider hiring a garden sitter! You may be able to swap care with family, friends, or neighbors. It can also be a great job for a responsible teenager in your neighborhood looking to make a little extra cash this summer. Depending upon your needs, you may even be able to barter some of the care for produce or flowers!

Having an amazing garden doesn’t have to mean you can’t travel. Catch up on weeding, harvesting, and other big jobs as much as possible before your trip, and try one or two of these ways to keep your garden growing.

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