Nothing spruces up your home and adds color for the holidays better than a poinsettia plant. A traditional red poinsettia blends perfectly with the reds and greens found in many holiday decorations. If you want to be creative, you can choose even more festive decor by using white, marble, pink and novelty poinsettias from Homestead Gardens. Here are some of our favorite specialty colors at Homestead Gardens: Ice Punch, Luv U Pink and Tapestry. The long-lasting blooms of a poinsettia will bring beautiful color to your home for many weeks to come!

Poinsettia Collection

The Homestead Gardens Premium Poinsettia Collection is locally grown right in Davidsonville, Maryland. This means the plants are acclimated to our sunlight and have not been weakened by extensive shipping across the country or left on a cold truck too long. Our poinsettias are florist quality, and come in a variety of sizes and colors. When you bring your poinsettia home, place it in a warm location in your house and provide lots of indirect bright sunlight. Poinsettias do not like cold temperatures or drafts.

poinsettias on hearth

When using poinsettias in your home decor, remember to group them in odd numbers. This makes a more pleasing display to the eye. Also consider varying the height of the plants, either by purchasing them in different pot sizes, or by placing something underneath them.


When watering, fill the pot enough to soak the soil all the way to the bottom, and let it dry in between. You'll know if you're giving the poinsettia too much water when the top leaves begin to yellow and wilt. On the other hand, too little water will cause the bottom leaves to dry out and wilt. Proper watering will keep your poinsettia healthy and blooming through the holiday season.

Add some living cheer to your home these winter months with pinks, reds, whites and every shade in between! Check out the over 15 varieties of traditional and premium-quality poinsettias available at Homestead Garden.


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