Popular, Fool-Proof Shrubs at Awesome Prices

A short tour of the Garden Club Specials in the shrub department had me gawking at the unusually low prices - how can they DO that?  The answer is that they're all homegrown by Homestead.  No middleman or shipping!  I'm spreading the word to the local gardening community and especially to my garden-coaching clients because most of them desperately need shrubs that are do-ers like these.  (It costs nothing to become a Garden Club member, ya know.)


Great Deals

For example, Helleri Hollies are a great alternative to boxwood, which they resemble, but they can take more sun than boxwood.  These grow to 2' by 4' or so, and they're three for $45.  I've grown Helleri Hollies for years and they're as close to no-maintenance as a plant can be.

Another evergreen (or in this case ever-purple) shrub is 'Rose Glow' Barberry, which is also pretty darn carefree.  It likes sun and is famously drought-tolerant.  Now hold on for the price - $15 each (reduced from $30)!



Next up, the Goldmop Falsecypress here is a perfect size for small spots, maxing out at about 3' by 3'.  It likes full sun and usually sells for$35 but is now 50% off - so just $17.50 each.

Another great evergreen for sunny spots is the Compact Japanese Holly, which grow slowly to 6' by 6' and is deer-resistant.  They're three for $45.



In my experience gardening for about 40 years, nothing is tougher than Nandina.  I've seen them survive droughts that kill plants all over my neighborhood, while the Nandinas (once they're established, of course).  They're even evergreen and most varieties sport berries.  And a handy feature is that stay narrow, so I frequently recommend them for tight spots along house foundations, say between the house and a walkway. The common Nandina Domestica (now on sale for $20 each) grows to 6' tall by 5' wide, and the 'Gulf Stream',  shown here in its winter color, grows to only 3' tall by 4' wide.  Both can take sun or shade.  The Garden Club Special price for the 'Gulf Streams' is just $17.50 (reduced from $35).



The dwarf version of the popular Burford Holly grows to just 4-6 feet by 4-6 feet, can take part shade or full sun, and is deer-resistant.  They're also half off - now just $17.50 each.

I'm a huge fan of Spireas and recently added some 'Magic Carpet' Spireas to my garden because I can't resist the cool colors in their foliage.  At just 18" tall and 2' wide, they're a perfect woody groundcover for sunny spots.  Like all Spireas, they tough as nails, and these sell for just $10 each (regularly $30 each).  Wow.



The popular-for-good-reason Encore Azaleas really do rebloom - in the summer and again in the fall.  They can also take full sun, something that most azaleas don't appreciate in the least.  They're now 25% off.

All while supplies last, of course.  Thanks to Oliver Storm and his band of growers for these great-looking and -performing plants.

Photo credits: Nandina 'Gulf Stream',  Magic Carpet Spirea,  Encore Azaleas.  Others by Susan Harris.

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