Spring clean-up is a big job in my garden - the biggest one of the year.  So this past weekend, with temperatures in the balmy low 50s and my curbside garden a mess from the snow, I started in on the list of chores.  (For the whole list, see my earlier round-up of Chores for March.)


Now admittedly, the end result (below) is neat but not exactly a showpiece.   But I keep my expectations really low for this, the Ugliest Month of the Year.   And as late winter winds down and I continue to clean up all my borders, all the new crocus and daffodil foliage will become visible and even this winter-depressed gardener will take heart.   That's why I loooove spring clean-up!  Also, I'm just so starved for being outdoors and getting my hands in the dirt.   I know I speak for millions of gardeners who live with winter.  (Californians and Floridians I don't even want to hear from until our snow has melted and our gardens are a lot greener.)



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