Summer will be over before we know it, but there's still plenty of outdoor time to enjoy before winter sets in. Fall is often the best season to go on long walks, dine al fresco and host patio parties for friends, thanks to the season's milder temperatures and beautiful scenery. Spending more time outdoors, of course, means also spending more time caring for your lawn. Prepare your yard for fall now to ensure your landscaping keeps looking great throughout the season. Here's a helpful guide to get you started.   

Get Rid of Pesky Weeds

Late summer is the perfect time to remove any weeds that have grown in the last couple of months. Weeds can overpower your beautiful grass and cause unsightly discolored patches. Rid your lawn of these intruders using a broad-leaf weed killer like Weed Beater Lawn Weed Killer now so you'll have a chance to reseed in the fall if necessary.

Lower Your Blades for Fall

During the summer, you need the extra grass height to hold in moisture and keep the soil cool. But once fall rolls around, it's a good idea to cut the grass at a lower height. This will not only help mulch fallen leaves, but also prevent the developlment of fungal diseases during the winter. 

Continue to Mow and Water the Lawn

Continuing lawn maintenance at this time is essential, and you'll want to continue mowing and watering the lawn well into fall. As fall sets in and leaves start to come down, you'll want to incorporate raking leaves into your maintenance routine. 

Feed Your Lawn

Foot traffic, warm weather, lack of rainall of these things can cause stress in your lawn. Feeding your lawn can help reduce stress and bring your lawn back to life for the fall. Jonathan Green Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer and GreenView Fairway Fall Fertilizer are both superior products to consider. 

The end of summer doesn't mean the end of beautiful weather. Autumn is just around the corner, and you'll want to get your lawn ready for fun fall outdoor activities. To get all the supplies you need, stop by your local Homestead Gardens today!

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