Priscilla's Garden

It feels like Antarctica right now, I'm in the mood for lush gardens and memories of summer temperatures and I know just the place to visit.  It’s one of my favorite gardens - just outside D.C. in Takoma Park, and looking totally like summer  With sweeps of tall ornamental grasses and perennials like Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldstrum') and Monarda, the garden reflects the style of the famous D.C. landscape architects Oehme van Sweden and their New American Garden style that's been so influential in the last 40 years of American landscape design.   It's a more naturalistic, relaxed style that results in water savings and less maintenance for the gardener.  The house ain't shabby, either - if you like modern (and I sure do).

And here's a shot from the street of a welcoming arbor covered with a Persian ivy that’s stunning all year.  The pots just add to the lushness.

About the Gardeners

Now about the gardeners.  Priscilla Labovitz is a very cool lady, mom and immigration lawyer while husband Joe Cirincione is an advocate for nuclear arms reduction and popular talking head on the subject.

I hear tell that Joe's in the "Looks great, honey!" camp when it comes to the garden.  That's okay,  Joe.  We can't all grow plants - or comprehend the minute details in treaties.



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