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Take A Walk Through Our Enchanted Winter Woods

  • Copper Elegance
  • The Garden Greenhouse

Homestead Gardens’ eye-popping holiday displays are visual masterpieces--pure theater set in dramatic vignettes give a theme for every taste.

As we walk through the front door entrance  our festive tour begins immediately. To our right we see a large sparkling vignette of Copper Elegance. Whimsical, romantic, chic and earthy cannot even begin to describe the  plethora of treasures-ornaments, candles, natural trays and serving pieces for the table and even lamps all in rich hues of copper and white.



 These natural wood cheese boards give a salute to trees. Mix and match to create your personal holiday style. Of course, they are fabulous gifts!


Whimsical copper wind vanes and hanging mobiles turn and twist gracefully in the slightest breeze. The backdrop above is actually a large painting which sets the stage.




Our life size reindeer friends greet us as we look down, not missing any of the movement below.



A cachepot (from the French Cache-pot = hiding a pot) is a decorative container for growing a plant. And thus it creates a more decorative object as part of the design theme. The Garden Greenhouse is filled with is filled with cachepots in holiday green and crisp, clean white.


IMG_7262 ...More to Come. MUCH. MUCH. MORE






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