By Homestead Gardens Annuals Manager, Kerry Kelley

Cold weather getting you down? Need a little something to brighten those weary winter days? We have just the thing to put a little “Spring” back in your step. These beautiful bloomers are sure to cheer you whatever the weather:


Charming and showy blue, purple, or white flowers on a short, tidy plant bloom for weeks in a sunny window, even longer if deadheaded. When finished flowering, they may be planted outside after danger of frost, to be enjoyed for years to come. Inside, keep moist but not wet.  Outside plant in moist, well-drained soil in part sun.




Miniature Roses:

A classic with stunning flowers and fragrance. These are just as hardy as full size roses, but  mature at only 18 inches high and wide. They may be kept as a houseplant in a sunny window, or permanently planted outside after danger of frost. Plants re-bloom throughout the year.





Commonly called the “pocketbook plant” for the unusual puffy, purse- shaped flowers. Yellow, red, and/or orange spotted flowers bloom throughout winter on large, bright green textured leaves.  Your grandmother had this one—you’ll like it, too! Best in bright light and cool temperatures.




Spring-blooming bulbs:
A sure cure for the winter blues—spring can be as close as the blooming pot on your windowsill. Sunshine yellow daffodils, fragrant pastel hyacinths, elegant jewel-toned tulips, charming bright crocus, and muscari and miniature iris in hues reflecting ocean and sky. Every day a joyous reminder that spring is just around the corner.




Perky little plants will show off their gorgeous color for you all winter in a cool, bright spot. Why take just one when you can have a rainbow? May be planted outside in a shady area in early spring.

Need more than a pot or two to chase Old Man Winter away? Try an arrangement of plants in similarly colored pots of different shapes and sizes. Use any of the flowering plants mentioned above, and add scotch or irish moss, wheat grass or cat grass, and a few stems of cut pussy willow or forsythia. Or place your selection of plants in a willow basket and cover pot edges with preserved sheet moss, adding cut stems for a finishing touch.

Visit Homestead Gardens for more ideas on bringing that uplifting spring feeling to your personal space. We’re not saying you’ll be able to turn the thermostat back or get out of that Snuggie, but then again……


Photo Credits: Homestead Gardens Creative Director, Melanie McCabe

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