Just a short while ago, your yard was the scene for fun and relaxation. But when fall comes around, there’s so much to do to get the yard ready for its long winter nap. Between the raking, pruning, mulching and clearing, it’s a big job. This season, why not take it easy and hire a crew of professionals to take care of it? It’s more affordable than you think, plus there are lots of benefits for your yard and garden.

Create a Healthy Environment

Yard debris can also increase the number of allergens in the air, raising the discomfort of the allergy sufferers in your life. Hiring someone to quickly clean up the brush and the leaves can cut the agony.

Displace Insects

Leaving behind yard material attracts insects, giving them an ideal environment to bed down for the winter. By clearing away fallen leaves, grass clippings and brush, you’ll leave no home for unwanted creepy-crawlies.

Provide Winter Protection

You know your perennials will get tucked in for the winter, plus mulching around shrubs and trees will give their roots extra protection from frost heaving.

Make Your Lawn Healthier

Aerating your lawn in the fall loosens up compacted soil, allowing the roots of your grass to expand and establish themselves more deeply in the turf. Healthy roots are where a green, resilient turf begins. Fall is also the ideal time for sodding and seeding problem areas.

Give Yourself a Head Start

Without brush and leaves to clear away, you can use that energy burst that arrives with the warm spring air to carry out your plans for other yard projects.

Free Up Your Spare Time

Think about it. Doing all these chores yourself could easily take up an entire weekend or two of hard work. Your yard will look neat and picked up without all the back-busting labor. Plus it will free up some of those gorgeous fall afternoons for doing something you enjoy, like tailgating, hiking or hosting a bonfire in your tidied-up backyard.

Check out the landscaping services at Homestead Gardens and learn more about how we can help you maintain the beauty and health of your landscaping.

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