Rick Bayless's Chicago Garden

Chicago-based Rick Bayless is an award-winning chef-restaurateur, cookbook author and television personality who graciously invited garden bloggers visiting the city to see his home garden.  He wasn't home but importantly for us, his gardener was.


Photo Tour

Everything is grown organically.  Compost bins, to which red wiggler worms are added, produce 40 wheelbarrows of compost during the growing season, all of which is added to the vegetable beds.



Shores plants a new bed of salad greens every three weeks through the entire summer.  There's also a heated greenhouse on-site - especially useful in Chicago's climate.  Shores told us they spend about $3000 on seeds every year.



The garden sits on three city lots connected to his residence and produces $20,000 worth of food that's served in Bayless' restaurants.






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