The Botanic Garden

Readers know this blog isn't all "Hey, isn't Homestead great!!" - because we know that's not what you want.  That's marketing, not blogging.  But strolling through the store the other day I HAD to stop and snap some photos and appreciate their drama and sheer prettiness.

Like the scene above, reminding me of  tropical displays we usually see in the botanic garden AND making me want some big tropicals, now.  Actually, I have one, a canna recommended by Kerry Kelly, Homestead's queen of annuals, for a large container planting of mine. It definitely fulfills the role of "thriller" in the oft-quoted three-part tip for great-looking container plantings:  ya need a thriller, some fillers and some spillers.   I'll be showing y'all the mid-July update on my annuals-filled containers this coming week.


Indoor Display Garden

Next, I love this indoor display garden showing off everyone's favorite super-sustainable plants for summer - grasses and some of the easiest perennials on earth.   That would be daylilies, purple coneflowers and Black-eyed Susans, of course.   The boulder is actually faux rock and very lightweight, so it's something I might actually use to hide an ugly utility box if I had one where I didn't want it.  This scene, like the elephant display above, was created by our water-gardening expert Dave Kemon.

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