Homestead Gardens Inspired Holidays by Rita Calvert

Now you are seeing from the tour of our Holiday Trees that there’s a story around every corner; up and down, over and below.



This wet story begins when we all went rowing during a blustery day on the Chesapeake. The winds started lifting the waves and our tiny boat. In a big roll and a gust, we found ourselves dumped in the Deep!

 IMG_7070 IMG_7077

We weren’t under just any sea, but a tropical blue green magical fishland with glass blown “jellies”, bright beaded blowfish,glamorous angelfish, sparkly water bubbles, coral, starfish and a mermaid or two parading in the coral reef.


More Incredible Decor

Incredible, are those glass blown jellyfish!



It was our good fortune the whales were friendly.

Wait, is that Nautilus, we see and the brave Captain Nemo? 


Our super fun sealife experience didn’t end as we surfaced and swam to shore. There we were greeted by the hatchling turtles on their way from mom’s nest to the deep.


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