Sure, gardens without seating are still gardens, but they're so much more inviting with places to sit and ponder, plan, smell, and admire what the gardener and Mother Nature have created together.

A vintage metal glider isn't just a place to admire the pond garden; it adds a distinctive touch of style to the whole scene.

In the protected spot above, wicker and cushions can last indefinitely.

Seating Makes the Garden

The scene above makes me want to come back at night for the promised campfire.  Four Adirondack chairs and a long bench - with a back for comfort - make this a great party space.

Another Adirondack chair, alone in a tiny opening in a gorgeous border, calls to the gardener or visitor to sit a spell.

Along a pathway, some rough-hewn stone serve as a rest stop.

And out in full sun, aged wood looks great with a snappy fresh cushion.

Finally, here's one I'd never seen before - a bench carved out of a sidewalk along a city sidewalk.  Nice of the homeowner to be so considerate of passing pedestrians!

All these examples were spied last weekend in and around Asheville, North Carolina.

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