South Carolina

In honor of South Carolina, the host of the next Republican primary this Saturday, how about a short photo tour?  First stop, Charleston.

Above and below, palm trees and Antebellum architecture help give Charleston its distinctive charm.  Lots of it.

South Carolina Plants

Below, an exquisite two-story porch, and two distinctive South Carolina plants - Spanish moss and bouganvilla.

About 70 miles north of  Charleston is a public garden worth visiting - Brookgreen Gardens, close to Pawley's Island.  The whole garden seems lush, thanks to plenty of Spanish moss.

The grounds are dotted with life-size sculptures of folks just enjoying the garden.

No visit to South Carolina would be complete without a trip to the beach, and what better time than sunrise?

It's okay for gardeners to lust after warmer, beachier places in January, right?

Photos above and below were taken on Pawley's Island.

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