Ya gotta love this stunning Crossvine that I see every day, blooming its heart out on my next-door neighbor's deck.   This is the view from my own deck and I absolutely had to get closer, where I took the photo below.   And it's only up-close do you find out the flowers come in two colors - either dark park or yellow with a dark pink throat.  An interior designer couldn't have come up with a prettier combination.

Crossvine has two more great features you wouldn't know from these photos.  First, it's evergreen!  Also, it's native throughout the Southeast, South Central and Mid-Atlantic of the U.S.



Next, I found the vines below on a walk around the neighborhood, where they're displaying their charms right along the sidewalk.  What a gift to passersby!  I don't know which Clematis that is on the left but it's been there for enough years to have proven its reliability.  The climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala) isn't even in bloom yet and it's already stunning to this pedestrian-with-camera, especially paired with a short Deutzia that IS in bloom.  I'll come back soon to catch them blooming together.


Brookside Gardens

Finally, the glorious wisteria below isn't actually in my Takoma Park neighborhood, but at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD.  We need an ID on this one, so I'll send the link to this story to the nice people at Brookside and ask if they can enlighten us.




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