Seasonal Design with Rita Calvert

"Beach to Bar"? This is a title for resort wear/warm sunny weather dressing form one of the buyers for Evelyn's Boutique. The complete line of fashions at our boutique includes coverups which merge into dresses, sandals, upscale flip flops, "cross body" bags, beach bags, purses, wallets, belts, fun jewels, sunglasses, a potpourri of hats and of course, scarves galore.


Many of the lines chosen for Evelyn's make the cut because:

  • 1. They are of the highest quality.
  • 3.  They are fun!
  • 4. They are simply irresistible!

Don't hesitate to ask the customer service gals in the department to give you millions of ideas how to wrap that scarf or cool coordinations of the fashions!



Sea La Vie (live simply) has a BIG story. This is a captivating line of ladies' signature linens, canvas and leather from Daufuskie Island near Hilton Head. Each season, these artisans release gorgeous new patterns inspired by the history of the romantic southern folklore of mermaids, flirting sailors, sea captains and coastal life.


This cleverly twisted scraf-anchored with a pin, is actually a pareao which can cover the entire body. The lightweight fabric is so large, it can masquerade as a table cover. 


Boldly patterned filmy cotton coverups can double as comfy pj's. Notice the plethora of hats and sun bonnets.


Grace the feet with the most comfy and snazzy footware from OkaB..."Where the spa meets the street"!  We carry a vast assortment of women's shoes such as jelly shoes, sandals, thongs, ballet flats, and more. 


Bet you didn't know scares start at a bargain price of $5.00, like the brilliant hues above. 




Whoah-what have we here? Marvel comics has a line of "boy toy products" A 20-something comented they are way cool! From wallets, clocks, shaving kits to can take your humor with you! 



The above image is from our Severna Park store where a bounty of Thyme body care products parade across an entire counter. It is a luxious setting to linger and sample sweet smells. 



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