Between camps, swim team, baseball, and more, it’s hard to cram all of the summer fun you’d like to have into a few precious weeks. There’s still time left to make some memories before you wave goodbye at the bus stop. Make the end of your summer memorable by fitting in a few of these family activities.

Visit an Orchard

August is a great month to visit a “pick your own” orchard. At this time of year, look for peaches or apples, and enjoy some outdoor time with the kids. It’s a great opportunity to teach children about farming and instill a love of fresh, wholesome food.

Build a Campfire

One of the best parts about summer is that kids can stay up later than normal. Before you send them back to school, go all out with a backyard campfire, with s’mores, story-telling, and stars. Pick up a constellation guidebook and gaze at the stars together. See if the kids can point out constellations in the night sky.

Make Homemade Pizza

Cooking together is a great way to find quality time as a family, no matter what season it is. Making pizza, though? The kids will love doing that! Slip in a little bit of learning by using fresh, local vegetables. This project is especially meaningful if you and your children grew a pizza garden this summer. If you didn’t grow your own, visit the farmers’ market with the kids and encourage them to pick out some unusual vegetables to try as toppings.

Take One More Beach Trip

How could we have a summer fun list without a beach trip? While the weather is still warm, take the kids for a final hurrah. Swim, build sandcastles, and soak up the sun. Pack a picnic basket, plenty of cool drinks, a few “lawn games,” and lots of sunscreen. These are the days your kids will remember as adults!

Go Camping

If you can’t get away for a vacation, setting up a tent at a nearby campground, or even just in the backyard, can be a blast for kids. Watch their love of nature and desire to explore the world grow as they see the outdoors in a new light. It’s also a great way to get in screen-free quality time, which can be hard to come by these days.

Attend a Baseball Game

When it comes to summer fun, a baseball game is a wonderful, affordable option to do something that feels really special to your kids and is fun for adults too. If you don’t think you can get the kids to sit still long enough, you could also have your own backyard baseball (or soccer, football, etc.) game instead. Invite family, friends, and neighbors, then divide up the teams.

Visit a Museum or Nature Center

Although school hasn’t started yet, you can sneak in a little education. Museums and nature centers are perfect for days when the weather is not ideal for trips to the beach and other outdoor activities. They’re also usually filled with hands-on activities that kids will love while they’re learning.

This year, seize the opportunity for that last bit of summer fun. When you’re busy running carpool and packing lunches, you’ll be glad you did.

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