Here's another Perennials Pandemonium event I've marked on my calendar and recommended to my friends: Stepables: Plants that Tolerate Foot Traffic! by Sandy McDougle of Sandy's Plants.  It's at our Davidsonville store this Sunday at 11:30am.

Stepables are a line of plants that have been chosen because they will withstand foot traffic - from light or moderate to even heavy use.  They're perfect for filling in between stepping stones, as a groundcover between shrubs or other perennials, for tucking into crevices and gaps in stone walls, for lining a walkway edge, for covering the path to the spigot or the side yard, or even for use in containers.

I've used Stepables myself over the years, converting former lawns to swaths of these short groundcovers, and been inspired to do so by seeing them used in real gardens.  So I've asked the Stepables Company - another woman-owned enterprise, I might add - for examples, and here are some of my favorite photos sent to them by real customers.

Use these as design ideas and bring your questions about what plants are best in our climate to Sandy's talk on Sunday. 



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