Written by: Tim Hamilton and Ann-Marie Sedor | Photos by: Melanie McCabe

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
-Romeo and Juliet

Since the Roman Empire, no flower has had more universal appeal and recognition than the rose. For thousands of years, the symbolism of the rose has ranged from love to silence to loyalty. The act of giving roses can demonstrate the pinnacle of adoration or the completion of humility. Over the ages, the rose has insinuated itself into each society that it has met and, in doing so, has become queen of the garden.

That is not to say that the rose has remained unchanged in all that time. From whether they bush, carpet, or climb, roses have evolved into hundreds of different varieties. Some are unflinchingly beautiful. Some have enchanting fragrances that fill the still nights. Others weave their way over gates and trellises as to watch the garden from above. Roses have become as varied and adaptive as if to dare us to find them predictable.

The benchmark in rose hardiness comes courtesy of the Knock Out® Rose line, whose superior disease resistance have earned them a top spot for gardeners and landscapers alike. Their bloom cycles continue for months and require only a modest amount of occasional pruning to keep the flowers coming.

Original Knock Out® Rose

Sunny Knock Out® Rose

Hybrid tea roses have wonderful scents, and while they tend to be fussier than other roses, new generations of varieties have been bred for better disease and pest resistance. As a gorgeous tribute to the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces, plant a ‘Veteran’s Honor’ rose this Memorial Day. Its tall, upright growth with large, rich red blooms will make all your other plants stand up and salute its beauty. Plus, 10% of the net sales are contributed to programs that support America’s veterans health care, with more than a half-million dollars donated since 2000.
‘Veteran’s Honor’

Reaching heights of eight feet or more, climbing roses are the belle of the ball dressed in her most lavish gown. With velvety ruby red blooms and exquisite fragrance, ‘Don Juan’ will play to your garden’s romantic side. Like its namesake’s famous fictional libertine, this climber shows no restraint in displaying its best assets.
‘Don Juan’
Another vibrant stunner is the patriotic ‘America’,  whose bold flowers take on a tinge of orange-coral and is a great repeat bloomer with a delectable peppery scent.

Floribunda and shrub roses make beautiful, easy-care borders bursting with color. A delightful mixture of polar attributes, ‘Bonica’ is a tough-as-nails floribunda rose with petite, delicate pink blooms. It thrives and never fails to bloom after even the coldest winters and hottest summers.
Living up to its name, ‘Carefree Spirit’ is so maintenance-free that it was the first-ever landscape rose named as an All-America Rose Selection (AARS) winner in 2009.
‘Carefree Spirit’

As offspring of floribunda and hybrid teas, grandifloras offer incredible colors of clustered flowers on long stems with usually just a hint of scent. Think of the most beautiful rose form for creating bouquets and you’ve got a grandiflora. Try this year’s AARS winner, ‘Dick Clark’, for gorgeous swirling hues of reds, burgundies and pinks with a spicy cinnamon bouquet.
‘Dick Clark’


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