Seasonal and Local with Rita Calvert

Our blog here at Homestead Gardens is going to take on a new look for the holiday season. We are talking set design for Santa, the elves, Grandma's Kitchen, Critters-charming, funny or whacky farm or fantasy friends for all. Then there is the Manly Men Tree in the deep rich library room.


Chances are you have perused at holiday time, but this year the expanded vignettes tell a fairy tale wonderland unlike any of the previous years at Homestead Gardens.

Come along with our visual meandering tour and then do your own exploring. Wind around the bicycle conveyer belt; popping out a perfect bicycle every time. Spend hours touring the nooks and crannies. The highlight-Old Timey Train Village-draws hoards of kids and families; usually 5 people deep, so claim your spot.

Let's get started--On to Feathered Friends with Reindeer in Training 


Immediately upon entering you are overwhelmed by banks of glowing poinsettias in red, white and a variegated mixture of the two.IMG_7001

Glorious needlepoint pillows fill Santa's sled.




These reindeer in training have really gotten the etiquette down! Note their pearly white booties to keep their feet clean. 

"So off Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen."

IMG_7006 We love all of our feathered friends, but the brilliant hues of the red cardinals especially seem to say, "It's Holiday Time".



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