A beautifully decorated holiday table will impress your guests immensely, and you don't have to have a design degree to pull it off. Here are some tips from the staff at Homestead Gardens to make your holiday dining table the star of the meal.

1. Pick a Color Theme

You might think green and red are the way to go because it's Christmas, but consider how striking other colors would look, especially when mixed with the room decor. For example, a gold or silver theme with a strong color accent like purple or blue is stunning and would look great if you have those colors in the walls or fabric accents already found in the room.

2. Use Hints of Mother Nature

Even though Christmas comes in the winter and much of your outdoor landscaping is under snow, you can still pull in some natural elements to make your table look great. For example, fill a glass vase with fresh cranberries for a pop of color, or cut small pine branches for a centerpiece bouquet. You can also shop at the Homestead Gardens Christmas Shop, as all Bella's Garden holiday home decor is now 30 percent off! You'll be able to find beautiful nature-themed pieces that would work great as a center piece or plate decoration.

3. Wrap it All Up With Dishes

Many people use Christmas and hosting family as an excuse to get out the special dishes. If you have enough of them available, set them out with pride. But don't worry if you don't! You can make a holiday table look elegant with a purposeful mismatch of patterns and colors, too. The colors and designs will give your table a fun and warm atmosphere, and it'll be certain to strike up a dinner conversation as guests ask about each of the patterns.

With these tips and some creativity, you'll be able to set a holiday table that is photograph-worthy. Who knows, you might see it posted on a social media page once the holidays are over, giving others inspiration for decorating their tables next season!

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