Whether you're hosting a Halloween celebration, Thanksgiving dinner or a simple fall party, it's fun to enhance the occasion with festive tablescapes. Use these charming ideas to start designing a table you and your guests will love!

Decorate a long table with a garland

When you have a long rectangular table, one centerpiece is simply not enough. A fall garland adorning your table from end to end ensures that no part looks bare. Consider a garland featuring fall foliage to celebrate the season.

Incorporate golden accents

No matter the fall color scheme you choose, adding gold is a great way to complete the look. From vases to candle holders, there are a variety of ways you can accent your table with this elegant metal.

Make it simple with flowers

You don't have to decorate your table with pumpkins and large festive pieces, especially if you prefer a minimal look. Instead, create a centerpiece using fall-colored flowers. Orange roses, seasonal asters and mums look beautiful on dining tables.

Light some candles for sophistication

Add a little class and sophistication to your dinner with candles. Candles can go well with just about any tablescaping theme you choose.

Turn nature into decor

Acorns, pine cones, leaves and the squash growing in your garden can all make great fall table decor. Fill a basket with natural accessories and make it your table's custom centerpiece.

These simple tips can give your table a seasonal update. Stop by your local Homestead Gardens for more great ideas and to search a large selection of fall flowers!

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