After surviving the heat and burning rays of the summer sun, your lawn is probably relishing the excellent growing conditions provided by the fall temperatures. The Chesapeake region experiences cooler temperatures and higher rainfall - the perfect grass-growing combination. Because these growing conditions are so ideal, the staff at Homestead Gardens recommends you fertilize your lawn as well so it's full and lush come spring.

Fertilize Now

The reason to fertilize when the growing conditions are good is to strengthen your grass roots so they can withstand the frozen winter season and bounce back stronger than ever during spring's thaw. Fertilizer provides nitrogen, which is stored in the roots through the winter, giving grass the deep green color you'll want next season.

espomaOrganic Fertilizer

If you're looking for an organic fertilizer option, Espoma has a few different lawn options available. And if you have bare areas in your lawn that need reseeding, a winter fertilizer is a great option, as it has higher amounts of nitrogen and potassium to help those seeds fully develop when the frost melts away. As an organic option, however, Espoma Fall Winterizer doesn't have too much nitrogen. Grass roots can absorb only so much of this ingredient, and the excess will run off into the storm water system. Milorganite is another excellent organic option, which is perfect for homeowners who haven't fertilized previously. It's designed to limit excessive growth, which could hurt your lawn when the stress of winter cold and summer heat are prevalent.

As the temperature cools off and the dew appears each morning on the grass, put fertilizing the lawn on your calendar so it will be looking green and lush this coming spring.


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