Beauty of Pollination

Winter gardeners, enjoy this awe-inspiring video and remember how amazing life is in your garden.   You know, insects and birds moving about, flowers and leaves unfurling, most of which we're really missing about now, in late January.  So we turn to Youtube - to one of the many outstanding videos compiled from TED Talks.  This one, titled "The Beauty of Pollination", is a combination of slow-motion videography (of hummingbirds, bats and insects) and speeded-up videography (of leaves and flowers). Plus, dramatic music!


Don't forget to click the icon in the lower right corner to make the video fill your screen.  It deserves it.

TED provided this simple introduction on Youtube: "We are all dependent to each other."

Here's a sampling of the 542 comments (so far) about this video on Youtube:

  • All this beauty makes me feel that there is a GOD.
  • STUPENDO!!!!!!!
  • a bat and her baby at 2:24!  (I agree, but what about how beautiful a bat is when it's drinking from a cactus flower??)
  • la nature est tres belle, il faut la proteger.... avec beaucoup d'amourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  (Remember your high school French?)
  • é belíssimo ! (No knowledge of Italian required.)
  • the most beautiful thing, It brought tears to my eyes.
  • Georgia O'Keefe would be envious of these close ups.

And many more in that vein, including many in languages I can't even read.  I'm bookmarking this one for viewing again, in February.

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