Porch and Garden

Here in the Mid-Atlantic one of the fastest-growing trends in garden design isn't about plants at all - it's the popularity of screened-in garden-viewing structures, especially porches.   That's primarily due to the increased mosquito and tick populations in this region and the diseases that they sometimes carry.  But aside from the disease issue, getting bitten has never been much fun.  (Yellow jackets are my personal least-favorite bugs found in Maryland.)

Where I gardened for the last 26 years I wasn't too bothered by insects  because I spent a lot of time high up on a hillside deck, but when I bought my new house on flat land  I prepared for the worst - by having this screened-in porch built asap.  It took months to get the permits (from the city, the county AND the co-op board!) but finally, in mid-July, my first-ever screened-in porch, with its generous 11x17-foot proportions, was done and I've practically lived in it ever since.

Until now, of course, awaiting Hurricane Sandy.  Hope the porch survives!  Along with the house, the car, et cetera.  Though as much as I hate this waiting, after a few days without power this fully-powered day of waiting will start to look pretty good.   

Back to the Porch

But back to the porch!  In the photo above you can see the high ceilings, skylights, and big old ceiling fan.  It's not really old, but the trendy "rustic industrial" look that goes well with this 1937 home.  The wall on the right is looking kinda bare, so next season I'll be adding another hanging plant or two.   I'm going for the "rustic industrial with garden lushness" look, if there's such a thing.

This is the view from my favorite reading chair onto the garden. 

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