This Weekend

Barring another blizzard, Homestead is offering these great winter workshops this weekend - just call 410/798-5000 to register.  (Cancelled workshops from last weekend will be rescheduled.)

Upcoming Events

  • Gene’s Tips: Starting from Seed ($5), Saturday 2/13 at 10 a.m.  Gene Sumi shows you the tools and tricks of the trade to make starting plants from seed at home easy and educational.
  • Plants for Pollinators ($5), Saturday 2/13 at noon.  Lisa Winters helps you attract pollinating bees to your yard with the plants that they crave.
  • Starting a Water Garden ($5), Saturday, 2/13 at 2 p.m. Water-gardening specialist Dave Kemon shows you which pumps, containers and vegetation are best for your new water garden.
  • Root Vegetables ($5),  Sunday 2/14 at noon. Perennials Manager Betsy Winters introduces her favorite root vegetables, including carrots, potatoes and ginger.

Posted by Susan HarrisPhoto credits from upper left: Mass Distraction,  Aussiegall,  Jyoseph, and color line.

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