You might not have the biggest space for your garden, but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it. In fact, there are plenty of design ideas to help transform your small outdoor garden space into a sight to behold. Here are just three you should try:

Find Smaller Plants

Planting large varieties of your favorite plants is not the best use of space in a small garden. Instead, choose an array of petite flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. At Homestead Gardens, we recommend Bushel and Berry fruit shrubs (previously Brazelberry) for just that reason. These berry producing plants come in multiple varieties, and though they are smaller than standard breeds, they still harvest delicious fruit.

Think Vertically

Even when you don't have much square footage, you can still have a fruitful garden. Consider planting vines so your garden can grow upward as well. Some varieties of fruiting vines like grapes and kiwi will grow in Maryland's climate, and of course there are vegetables like tomatoes, beans and peas that love growing vertically. Don't forget support! Trellises and other garden supports are available in our Lawn & Garden department.

espalier tree on wallUse the Entire Space

This one may seem obvious, but if you have a small garden, be sure to utilize every square inch you have available. This can be a challenge if your plot is up against a barrier, but there are solutions. Homestead Gardens has a variety of espalier fruit trees that are perfect for planting next to a wall or fence. Containers on the patio or balcony can be home to more than just flowering color try edible gardening in containers, too!

At Homestead Gardens, we can assist you with your garden design no matter the size. Stop by our Davidsonville or Severna Park locations today!

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