For those with the smallest outdoor space, it can be hard to see the possibilities to cultivate green and growing things. But even walls, tall fences and small patios can be beautified by nature’s touch. Bring a little creativity to these dreary spots and enjoy the transformation with vertical gardening techniques.

What is vertical gardening? It's just about anything that takes the idea of cultivating plants in the ground (which is a horizontal plane) and lifts it upward.

Vines: Ever see an ivy-covered wall, or grapevines climbing a trellis? That’s the classic example of vertical gardening. A hard and unappealing fence or wall can be softened and shaded with a cover of leaves thanks to vining and trailing plants.

hanging flower baskets on porchHanging Baskets

With the help of an overhang and sturdy hook, this is an easy method to draw the eye upward to brightly colored flowers. Homestead Gardens has a great selection of flowering annual hanging baskets for sun and shade!

Wall Planters

These are plant modules that are framed and mounted to a wall. Some designs may cover a small area, while others prefer drama and go for a solid wall of green leafy plants.

wall mounted planterTips for Effective Vertical Gardening

* When choosing plants, the first consideration is lighting. Is the space drenched in sunlight for a large portion of the day, or does it sit in the shade?

* Build carefully. When it comes to wall-mounted planters, keep in mind that watering the plants will add weight and, of course, moisture to the structure. Make sure the module or frame is properly mounted as well as leak-proof.

* Keep an eye on soil moisture. In containers where soil is limited, it tends to dry more quickly. Check the moisture daily or consider a drip irrigation system.

Feeling inspired? Talk to the experts at Homestead Gardens so you can get all the plants and tools you need to transform dreary spots into stunning natural showpieces.

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